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  • Looking for exotic?. It doesn't get any more exotic than Achachairu also known as Achacha Yellow Mangosteen (Garcinia humilis). Surprisingly, easier to grow than other rare tropical fruit trees we carry. Achacha is native to south america. Egg shape, yellow/orange fruit with a fluffy creamy flesh. Very sweet with a mild hint of sourness. Evergreen in areas with mild winters with a beautiful pyramid shape canopy. 




  • Achachairu ( Garcinia humilis ) Growing Tips:


  • Best time to plant: Anytime night temperatures are at least 50F and expected to rise in the next month or so. This is going to be mid to late spring for most people.


  • Sun: Will tolerate full sun until about 100F. It tends to burn at higher temperatures. The sun will NOT kill your tree!.


  • Winter: Frost sensitive. Cold hardy in the mid 20f's. We've noticed they tend to defoliate if it gets too cold.


  • Root system: Shallow, fibrous roots


  • Growth structure: Upright pyramid shape canopy. Tree's full size is about 8-15ft


  • Fruiting: Tree must be fully matured to flower. This will only happen if planted in ground. This will take several years.


  • Pollination: Dioecious, separate trees have male and female flowers. But! just like papayas, mulberry trees, they will still fruit without a male present.


  • Watering: Frequent water. Don't let it fully dry. Don't be afraid to water!.


  • Fertilization: In containers, any slow release fertilizer will work. In ground, compost and mulch is all you will ever need. No special fertilizers needed.


  • Container Grown: This plant grows well in a container due to its type of root system but we have not seen trees fruit in containers since they must be fully grown for that to happen.


  • Personal Growing Tip: Achacha is one of those tropical trees we're still learning about. We've had them for a few years in containers and just recently we decided to plant one in ground. As we learn more about this tree, we'll let you know. 

Achachairu, Yellow MangoSteen

  • Did you know plants are living beings just like you and I?. For this reason, all our sales are FINAL. Rest assured we're always here to answer any questions you may have. We want our plants to live a long happy life!.

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