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Minimumun delivery
charge is $50.
Contact us for more details!
Home Consultations

Are your trees not growing, producing or dying? Having issues identifying micro-climates in your property? Need help designing your food forest?.  How about designing your drip irrigation?. Maybe you simply need help programming your irrigation timer... Regardless of the issue, We're here to help!. 

We offer in person home consultations as well as virtual consultations.


Do you need help planting your trees?. Our planting services include everything you need: digging, soil amendments, shade structures, etc. Planting services come with a complementary 30 minute home consultation. Prices vary depending on your needs. Contact us for more details.

Keep in mind there is no guarantee to planted trees. Plants are living beings just like you and I. Ultimately, it's up to you to keep your plants alive.

      Irrigation Installation/Repair

We now offer irrigation system repairs and brand new installs. Are your valves leaking?, main lines leaking?, have no idea what's going on with your irrigation system? or simply want to start from scratch?. We're here to help!. We not only know how to do irrigation, we are also experts on watering plants!. You will not find that combination anywhere else!.

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