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-Full sun all day non-stop. Do not plant in full shade as your tree won't do well.

-It's cold hardy and will tolerate temperatures in the very low 20F's. It's frost sensitive though so make sure to protect from frost. All you have to do is throw a blanket of it.

-It has a shallow root system so, it's safe to plant close to structures. Remember though, anything with shallow roots will need frequent water. Deep watering it and forgetting about it for weeks will not work. Yes this tree is drought tolerant but guess what? It just means it won't die as quickly as other trees would without water. It won't grow or fruit if you don't water frequently.

-Naturally, this plant grows as a bush branching out all the way from the ground up to about 8-12 ft tall. It can also be pruned as a tree but must start early and keep up with the pruning.

-It flowers through out the growing season which is usually when night temperatures are hot! May through around September. If the night temperatures drop, this plant will not grow or flower or even root in the ground so it's best to keep potted and plant only during growing season.

-The fruit starts green then turns red and finally almost black. Problem is; once is ripe, it drops immediately, it will not stay on the tree. Don't eat the fruit when it's red and tasty looking unless you like tart. It actually turns sweet if you eat it when ripe.

-Do you know why this tree is popular? if you don't, it's popular because this used to be our main source for vitamin C before the synthetic form was made. On average, a single cherry has as much vitamin C as 5 oranges! It also has many other health benefits which you can research on your own.

-Once planted in the ground, don't expect much fruit for the first year. For whatever reason while it's rooting itself in the ground, it doesn't like to flower as much. You only need 1 tree to get tons of fruit, you just need to wait.

-It's so easy to grow that it makes no sense why you don't already have one in your yard!

Barbados Cherry, Acerola fruit tree

  • Did you know plants are living beings just like you and I?. For this reason, all our sales are FINAL. Rest assured we're always here to answer any questions you may have. We want our plants to live a long happy life!.

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