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  • If you're into the NOT so easy to grow plants, this is a must add to your collection!. The Bat Flower also known as Cat whiskers, Devil flowe, Black flower is a  tropical perennial native to Southeast Asia. We're experts at what we do but we're still learning the growing requirements of this plant. Read the growing tips below to learn what we know so far about this plant. Very unique and an extremely rare find. Don't miss out and order yours before they sell out!.


  •  Black Bat FlowerGrowing Tips


  • Best time to plant: Unless you live in a tropical climate or have a climate controlled greenhouse to include humidity control, never :). Best to keep it in a pot.


  • Sun: This plant needs bright light to grow but can't be in direct sun light specially during the summer. First time growing them so we do not know yet if this plant is heat sensitive (takes damage from high heat even in shade).


  • Winter: This plant will get destroyed at freezing temperatures. If you're cold, your plant is cold too and will die very quickly.


  • Root system: Fibrous roots, non-invasive


  • Growth structure: This is a perennial. It grows as a bush up to  3-4ft tall


  • Flowering: It flowers once night temperatures are consistently hot. Early summer to fall. 


  • Watering: During warm weather, water frequently. Do not let fully dry. Hard to overwater if using well draining potting mix. Will die very quickly and not come back if it goes dry during the summer.


  • Fertilization: In containers, any slow release fertilizer will work. In ground, compost and mulch is all you will ever need. No special fertilizers needed.


  • Container Grown: Does well in a pot. We actually recommend you to keep it in a pot.


  • Personal Growing Tip: This plant not only requires bright light to bloom, it also requires high humidity to thrive. Spraying your plant with a mist bottle will not cut it. You will need a humidifier indoors in order for this plant to thrive. Keep it away from air vents as they will damage your plant. As we learn more about this plant, we will share the knowledge with you. Normally this process takes us a year to learn how the plant reacts during summer and winter.

Bat Flower Tacca Chantreri

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  • Did you know plants are living beings just like you and I?. For this reason, all our sales are FINAL. Rest assured we're always here to answer any questions you may have. We want our plants to live a long happy life!.

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