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Did you know cashews are not actual nuts?. They come from the cashew apple. One apple yields only 1 cashew. Imagine now how many apples were harvested in that bag of cashews you buy at the store!. Growing your own cashew tree is not that difficult, but there are some growing requirements you must follow to be successful. 


  • Cashew Tree Growing Tips:


  • Best time to plant: When night temperatures are at least 50F and expected to rise in the next month or so.


  • Sun: Direct sun until about 100F. Hotter temps, you will need shade. Do not grow in full shade.


  • Winter: Cold sensitive. Low 30F's, it will get damaged, 20F's it will get destroyed even bigger trees.


  • Tree Structure: Single trunk with a wide canopy. About 8-12ft tall, shorter in cooler areas and bigger in warmer areas. Root system: Shallow, fibrous roots. Safe to plant around structures. Water:


  • Water very frequently, do not let dry when it's hot!.


  • Fruiting/Flowering: It flowers early summer and fruits ripen sometime in the fall. Trees grown from seed can take up to 2 years to flower.


  • Pollination: Self-pollinating, you only need 1 tree to get fruit. Fertilization: Any slow release fertilizer will work in containers. Planted trees, plain compost and mulch is all you will ever need.


  • Container growing: This plant does well in a container long term due to its roots system. We actually recommend you to keep it potted due to its cold sensitivity.


  • Personal Growing Tips: This tree grows fast!. Don't get complacent and think just because your tree is huge, it will tolerate the cold better. That's a sure way to kill your plant. Extremely hard to over water as long as you provide drainage.

Cashew tree ( Anacardium occidentale )

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