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Jaboticaba trees. Several varieties from the Myrciaria, Plinia family. Rare varieties are not always available. If interested in one of the rarer varieties, send us a message for more info.


Black Jaboticaba ( Plinia Cauliflora) (Common variety)

Blue Jaboticaba (Vexator, Myrciaria vexator ) (Rare)

Yellow Jaboticaba ( Myrciaria glazioviana ) (Rare)

Cambuca ( Plinia Edulis ) (Rare)


Jaboticaba Growing Tips:


Best time to plant: When night temperatures are consistently 50F+ and expected to rise in the next month or so.


Sun: All varieties require direct sun but will need shade once temperatures reach 100F+. Do not grow it in full shade as your tree will grow even slower than it already does.


Winter: All varieties can handle cold temperatures into the low 20F's as long as you provide wind and frost protection. A lot easier to protect than most other tropical plants.


Root system: Very fibrous, shallow roots. Do not break the rootball/damage the roots especially for the blue jaboticaba as it has one of the most sensitive root sytems out of all our plants.


Growth structure: These trees are naturally a bush/shrub unless pruned otherwise. Most varieties will grow between 8-15ft. Small in cooler climates and taller in more tropical climates. These plants have a very slow growth rate.


Fruiting/Flowering: These plants grow slow and will take several years to bear fruit. Sooner in tropical climates and much later in cooler climates. Expect to wait a minimum of 3-7 years for some varieties to start flowering. Flowering normally occurs early spring.


Pollination: You only need one plant to get fruit. 


Watering: Water very frequently. It's not about the volume of water but rather the frequency. In hot climates such as the desert, these plants have a harder time uptaking the water from the soil. To make up for this, you must keep the soil literally almost wet. You will never be able to over water these plants unless your soil doesn't drain the water. During summer months, we keep our potted jaboticabas constantly wet as they can easily die in a single afternoon if they go dry.


Fertilization: Use any slow release fertilizer in containers. We use osmocote slow release. In ground, any organic matter such as compost will work. These plants are not picky as long as you feed every once in a while.


Container Growing: These plants do great in pots due to their root system and slow growth. If in doubt, simply keep it in a pot. In containers, they do tend to burn easier so shade it once temperatures reach 90F+.

Personal growing tips: Jaboticaba plants are slow growing plants. Once planted in ground, they can take up to 2 full years to fully root themselves in ground. During this time, your plant may not grow at all. This is completely normal, especially in areas with cooler climates.

Jaboticaba fruit trees

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