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-Full sun anywhere in the U.S. (Protect trunk from direct sun) This can be done by painting it or shading it.


-Frost protection required at temperatures in the low 20F's. Mature tree will handle it but younger trees may take damage.


-Slow growing plant, expect the tree to take up to 1-2 years to establish itself in ground. Until then, no top growth is normal.


-Deep roots, water deeply as it gets older. Never keep wet, do let soil dry in between watering.


-They flower in the spring. These flowers are your fruits for the following season. Depending on temperatures, they can take up to 8-12 months to ripen.


-These are naturally shurbs not trees unless you prune as such. Keeping them as shrubs will yield more fruit.


-Water: Water frequently the first year in ground. Concentrate on the rootball only. Once tree is established in ground, you will need to deep water (Water slowly for longer periods of time but less often). Never keep citrus wet, over time this will hinder growth or even kill your plant.


-All you need to plant in ground is drainage. (Check out our drainage video for more details).


-It can be container grown due to its slow growth rate.

Lemon trees

  • Did you know plants are living beings just like you and I?. For this reason, all our sales are FINAL. Rest assured we're always here to answer any questions you may have. We want our plants to live a long happy life!.

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