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Unlike popular belief, mango trees are not that hard to grow. But in order to be successful, you must follow specific growing requirements:


Shade tree after 100F. While the tree will take full sun, the fruit won't. Always shade a potted mango when temperatures reach 100F. A planted mango will sun burn its first summer in ground. But as it establishes itself in the ground (takes 1 to 2 years). It will tolerate our full sun no problem.


Mango trees are cold sensitive. To learn more about this, watch our youtube videos.


Water frequently its first summer. As the tree gets older, you will need to deep water and let the tree dry in between watering, do not keep wet.


Flowering can be inconsistent the first few years in ground. Do not worry, this is normal.


Mango trees grow slow in non-tropical areas. Your tree may take up to 2 years in ground to fully 

develop its root system. During this time, your tree may not grow, flower inconsistently, drop its fruit prematurely, burn easier in the sun, take more cold damage than normal, etc, etc.


Mango trees grown from seed will always outperform grafted varieties in non-tropical areas. Grafted varieties are nice but growth rate is not as vigorous.


All you need to be successful growing mango trees in Arizona is drainage and some organic material in the soil. 


Be careful when using synthetic fertilizers. Stick to slow release fertilizers and use 1/4 of the recommended dosage. We use Osmocote slow release fertilizer on all our container grown mangos. In ground, all you need is compost, mulch and water. Very simple


One last note about container sizes. Not all 3, 7, 15 gallon trees are created equal. All our trees are fully rooted in their containers and most times are ready to be up-potted into the next size up.


Unfortunately, they're all too big to ship so, at this moment we're not shipping any mango trees.


We're always here to help you with any questions you may have, check us out on social media!

Mango fruit trees

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  • Currently only shipping 4" starter plants and 1 gallon sizes. All other orders select "locak pick up only". Any orders placed for larger items will be automatically cancelled.

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