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  • Moringa ( Moringa oleifera ) one of our fastest growing trees. Did you know every part of this plant is edible? from its flowers all the way down the root system to its bark. Also known as a super food for its nutritional value and healing powers. If you're looking for a full sun, fast growing tree, this is it. Not only they're cheap, they're also very easy to take care of.



  • Moringa Growing Tips:


  • Best time to plant: Anytime the night temperatures are at least 50F and expected to rise. Never plant close to winter.


  • Sun: Full sun, don't plant in shade.


  • Winter: Frost sensitive, rooted plant in ground will be cold hardy to low 20F's.


  • Growth Structure: Tree like upright growth up to 15-25ft.


  • Flowering/Fruiting: They early summer and pods usually are ready for picking late summer.


  • Pollination: Self-pollinating.


  • Root System: Tap root.


  • Watering: In containers water when dry, follow our 50% rule. Once in ground, keep mulch away from trunk and water only when dry using the finger method (Videos available on our youtube channel). Never let water pool around trunk of young seedlings as trunk rot will occur.


  • Fertilization: Anything works, yes it's that easy.


  • Container grown: This plant doesn't do well in a container long term due to its tap root system. It will grow 10x faster once planted in ground.


  • Personal Growing Tips: A few tips from growing this tree for the past few year: Small plants that haven't developed bark on their trunks tend to get trunk rot very easily if water pools around the trunk. If in a container, it's best to water from below. If in ground, water several inches away from the trunk. This plant will ONLY grow when it's HOT at night. Growing season for this plant is summer. If you plant too late, it won't grow until next year. If too early, you may get trunk rot a lot easier due to the cooler temperatures. Growing moringa is very easy, unless you over-complicate things :).

Moringa ( Drum stick ) tree

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  • Did you know plants are living beings just like you and I?. For this reason, all our sales are FINAL. Rest assured we're always here to answer any questions you may have. We want our plants to live a long happy life!.

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