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Passion fruit vines. We sell several different varieties. These vines will produce the passion fruit.


Passion Fruit Vine Growing Tips:


Best time to plant: When night temperatures are at least 50F and expected to rise in the next month or so. Can you still plant late in the season?. While planting late in the season is not ideal, it's still doable. You just need to make sure to protect your plant in the winter as it will be more sensitive due to not being rooted in the ground.


Sun: Most varieties will take full sun. They can also be in the shade or half and half. In extreme weather such as the Arizona summer, the flowers tend to sun burn and wilt in full sun.


Winter: All varieties we carry are frost sensitive and hardy down to low 20F's when fully rooted in ground. The only variety we've noticed to be cold sensitive is Ruby Glow. This variety will need cold protection during winter.


Root System: All varieties have shallow/fibrous roots. Safe to plant close to structures.


Plant Structure: These are vines. They require some type of support such as a trellis.


Flowering Fruiting: Most varieties will flower once they're fully rooted either in a container or in the ground. In containers, this happens faster than in ground. Normally within 1-2 years. Young plants tend to drop their flowers for various reasons. This is normal, as your plant matures, it will hold more flowers.


Pollination: All varieties are self pollinating except for: Granadilla and Giant Passion Fruit. These varieties require cross pollination.


Watering: Water frequently. It's not about the volume of water but rather the frequency. In containers follow our 50% rule (let potting mix dry 50% in between watering). In ground, let soil dry about 6-12" in between watering.


Fertilization: In containers use any slow release fertilizer. In ground, plan compost and mulch is all you need.


Container Growing: These plants due ok in a container short term. You will need to up-pot or root prune as they get older. In containers they tend to sun burn easier and not hold fruit as good as in ground plants. Keep this in mind if you want to keep your plant potted.


Personal Growing Tips: Passion fruit vines are one of the easiest vines to grow here in the desert (most varieties). Just keep in mind once you plant your vine in the ground, it may take up to a full year to fully root itself. Until then, top growth may be minimal to non-existent. This is normal, just be patient. During the summer, we've noticed flowers exposed to full sun (100F+) tend to wilt and drop, even on mature plants. Once this plant is rooted in ground, you can expect several feet of growth in a single season. These vines grow mainly when night temperatures are hot. One last thing; passion fruit vines don't live forever. Most varieties have a life expectancy of about 3--5 years. In tropical climates they may live longer.

Passion fruit vines

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