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This tree goes by many different names, regardless of what you call it once you taste the fruit is the same. Sapote/Chikoo is one of the easiest to grow plants in our area. Here are some growing facts about this plant:


-Tree can take full sun but the flowers will burn at temperatures 100F+. Our recommendation is to shade the tree once temperatures reach 100F+. Do not plant in full shade as your tree will NOT grow right.


-This tree is frost sensitive. It has been able to tolerate temperatures down to 19F in our area.


-Root system is shallow and very fibrous. Keep moist to wet its first summer in ground. Do NOT let dry.


-It flowers late spring, fruit takes about a year to fully ripen.


-Many varieties to choose from. Regardless of the variety, in our area the fruits tend to stay on the smaller size due to the heat.


-One of our slowest growing plants. It may take up to 2 years for your plant to establish itself in your soil. In that time, it's normal not to see any upright growth. Once fully rooted in ground, expect about 6"-12" of growth a year. 


Sapote, Sapodilla, Chikoo

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