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Looking for a shade tree that flowers? Look no further and try a Souther Magnolia tree!.


Souther Magnolia growing tips:


-Full sun anywhere in the U.S. First summer in ground it may sun burn a bit. Once fully rooted, no more sun burn.


-No winter protection in Arizona. Anywhere else hardy down to zone 7 or so.


-Slow grower, expect the tree to take up to 1 year to establish itself in your soil. Once established, it will grow about 6" to about a foot a year.


-This is a large tree with a vigorous root system. This tree can easily grow 20-40ish ft tall with a very wide canopy. Pick an area big enough to accomodate this tree.


-Deep root system, water deeply once your plant is established.


-Flower: Once planted in ground, you can expect flowers in about 3-5 years. Flowering season is usually during the summer months.


-It can be grown in a container but flowering may not happen in a container grown magnolia. If flowers is what you're after, plant it in ground.


-When planting in ground, make sure to check for drainage (video can be found on our youtube channel) and plenty of organic matter such as compost and top off with mulch. Easy to grow but also a slow growing plant.


-PH: Growers will recommend to grow this tree in a neutral ph environment. We have seen this plant grown in alkaline soil no problem as long as you water correctly and add organic matter to the soil, the tree will grow beautifully.

Southern Magnolia ( Magnolia grandiflora )

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