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  • Jamaican Cherry tree is a fast grower with flowers that look just like strawberry plant flowers. The fruit of this plant  look like tiny cherries, hence its common names, Strawberry Tree, Jamaican Cherry, Cereza. It fruits during the growing season (when it's really hot) nearly all year long.  Self-pollinating, the cherries start green and turn red/yellow as they ripen. From flower to fully ripened fruit, the process takes just about a month or so depending on temperatures.  Pick them as soon as they ripen because they will drop soon after. It grows fast 8ft+ in a single year and it also does well in containers.



  • Jamaican Cherry Tree (Muntingia Calabura) Growing Tips:


  • Best time to plant: Anytime the night temperatures are at least 50F and expected to rise. Never plant close to winter.


  • Sun: Full sun 


  • Winter: Cold sensitive. We notice cold damage as soon as we hit in the 20F's. Watch our youtube videos to learn more about cold protection.


  • Growth Structure: This tree once planted will grow up to 15-25ft tall with a wide dense canopy. Fast growing, it can creash 8ft+ within a year!.


  • Flowering/Fruiting: These trees will fruit when young throughout the growing season. Sometimes fruits exposed to direct sun will turn yellow while onces that get more shade will stay red. Fruit tastes just like fruity pebbles or cotton candy.


  • Pollination: Self-pollinating.


  • Root System: Shallow, fibrous roots.


  • Watering: Water frequently, don't let this plant fully dry in hot weather.


  • Fertilization: Any slow-release fertilizer will work. We personally use Osmocote slow-release fertilizer in containers. In ground, any organic material such as compost will work.


  • Container grown: This plant does well in a container but keep in mind it will need frequent up-potting due to its fast growth. It will readily fruit in a container as well. 


  • Personal Growing Tips: While this is one of our most popular trees, it's also one of our most cold sensitive plants. Size doesn't matter when it comes to the cold. Your tree may reach 8ft+ in a single year but it will die just as fast if the cold gets to it. It will never become strong enough to withstand cold winters so, don't get complacent. No top growth is normal for the first few months until the tree fully roots itself in the ground.

Strawberry Tree (Jamaican Cherry)

  • Did you know plants are living beings just like you and I?. For this reason, all our sales are FINAL. Rest assured we're always here to answer any questions you may have. We want our plants to live a long happy life!.

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