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Snow queen hibiscus growing tips:

-Best time to plant: When night temperatures are at least 50F consistently and expected to rise in the next month or so. Don't plant in the middle of winter or close to it...


-Sun: It needs sun to grow, do not plant/grow in the shade. In our area, it can take direct sun until about 95-100F. After that it may sun burn. Either shade after 100F+ or use a micro-climate.


-Winter: These plants will take ambient temperatures down to low 20F's as long as you protect them from frost and cold wind. Small plants in containers will be more sensitive than older ones.


-Growth Rate: Medium to fast growing plant. Once planted, it will take about a full calendar year to grow roots in ground. Until then no top growth is normal. In containers, they will grow as soon as they root the container they're in.


-Plant structure: This is a shrub. It can grow up to 6-8ft tall.


-Root system: Shallow roots. Safe to keep close to structures.


--Flowering: These flower throughout the growing season. Make sure they receive direct sun as they tend not to flower much in the shade. The leaves get their variegation from the sun as well. In the shade, the leaves tend to stay solid green.


-Watering: Water frequently. In pots follow the 50% rule. Wait until 50% of the pot is dry and that's exactly how often you will water. In ground, let soil dry about 6 inches first summer. However long it takes to dry 6" is how often you will water in ground for the first summer. As it gets older, you can let it dry 1-2ft in between watering.


-Container growing: These do well in a container.


-How to plant: Drainage will dictate how big of a hole you need to dig (video available in our group). Plant in 50% compost 50% native soil, apply mulch on top, water when dry and done .


Got questions? don't hesitate to contact us!

Variegated Snow Queen Hibiscus

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