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Wampee or Wampi is one of those fruits you probably haven't heard of before. A rare find and a must have for any exotic fruit collector. Normally rare=hard to grow but surprisingly, Wampi is not that difficult to grow! If you've ever grown a citrus, growing Wampee is no different.


Let's talk about the fruit. The fruit itself has a soft shell with an inner flesh that resembles a grape. They can be sweet and tart depending on the tree. You can eat the fruit whole just like you would a kumquat. The most unique feature of this plant is not just the fruit but the foliage. It smells and tastes very similar to curry!!. A very unique tree to have, only at Queen Creek Tropicals.


Wampi Growing Tips:


  • Best time to plant: When night temperatures are at least 50F and expected to rise in the new few months.


  • Sun: This plant can take full sun anywhere in the U.S. They do ok in the shade but fruit production decreases in the shade.


  • Winter: These plants can tolerate temperature in the low 20F's. Do protect smaller plants from frost.


  • Growth Structure: This is naturally a shrub. It tends to branch out low to the ground. It can be pruned as a tree if desired. They can grow 10-20ft tall. Expect smaller size in non-tropical areas.


  • Root System: This tree has a tap root. Give the tree some room to grow. Do not plant close to block walls, sidewalks, etc. With proper watering, you won't encounter any issues.


  • Flowering/Fruiting: This tree normally flowers when night temperature first reach around 60-70F. Here in Arizona, usually around late April-May. Fruits normally ripen sometime late summer. Every plant is a bit different and first year or two in ground, your tree may show irregular flowering. Flowers look very similar to that of Lychee, Longan flowers.


  • Watering: Water frequently its first year in ground. As the tree gets older (1 year+), start to deep water. Plants in containers: Always follow our 50-75% rule. That is water as often as the container dries 50-75%.


  • Fertilization: In pots use any slow-release fertilizer. We personally use osmocote slow release. In ground, compost topped off with a layer of mulch is all you will ever need. These plants are not picky and as long as they get some food, they're happy.


  • Container Grown: This plant grows well in a container. If you've ever grown a citrus in a pot, expect the same from this plant. Can it grow indefinitely in a pot?. With proper care and up-potting as it gets older, yes. Fruiting is not as heavy in a pot as it will be when fully rooted in ground.


  • Personal Growing Tip: Wampi trees behave very similar to a citrus. If you're planting in ground, this tree can take 1-2 years to fully root itself in ground. During that time, no top growth is normal. Young trees tend to drop their fruits easier than older trees. Fruit exposed to direct sun 100F+ tend to sun burn and fall off. Don't panic and simply give your tree time to grow. Self-pollinating, you only need one tree to get fruit.



Wampee, Wampi ( Clausena lansium )

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  • Did you know plants are living beings just like you and I?. For this reason, all our sales are FINAL. Rest assured we're always here to answer any questions you may have. We want our plants to live a long happy life!.

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